Buddha organic chocolates review!

Every now and then I love to enjoy something sweet especially to go with coffee, just the thought of coffee and chocolate paired together is absolutely divine and the perfect treat to keep me going! When I came across
Buddha Chocolate i knew I had to try them, especially since their products are made from real ingredients and I do love chocolate with or without almond butter and these are completely guilt free! 

I couldn't wait to try out these chocolaty treats and share with you all my thoughts on them so I opened the box and dug right in! I do have to say some almond butter cups I've tried before weren't all that great some were too dry but not these oh no they were melt in your mouth delicious!

Below is a little about the company and how they got their name.

About the company:
Buddha chocolates are made with love in Brooklyn New York which they are famous for none other than their almond butter Buddha cups!  Did you know that the name Buddha means awakened one? They believe in keeping their minds and bodies healthy . I so can relate to this quote and truly do believe it since I'm living a healthier lifestyle and it is hard to maintain it but I'm strong and lost over 100 pounds!!

"To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” -Buddha

They aren't your average almond butter cups either oh no, their made from raw ingredients and sweetened with coconut palm crystals which is in fact a low glycemic sweetener because it's made from the bud of a coconut palm flower! 

Buddha chocolates facts:
Gluten free
No refined sugars
Soy free
Fair trade certified 
And dairy free 

Dark chocolate almond butter cup with crunchy cacao nibs:

I've never tried anything like this delightful chocolaty yet decadent almond butter cup in my life especially with cacao nibs! It was like eating a regular old almond butter cup but so much better! It gave great almond butter flavor with a bit of a crunch from the nibs!

Buddha smooch:
Bite sized chocolate with a kiss of vanilla bean!

Dark chocolate almond butter cup:

Creamy almond butter meets velvety smooth dark chocolate!

Satisfy your sweet tooth today with Buddha chocolates! 

Order some for your sweetheart or family today on their website and also connect with them on their social media sites!






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