SauceSquad Crowdtap Party, it's BottledAwesome!

Super Bowl is a big event to get together with family and friends with all kinds of mouth watering dishes, what better way to celebrate the big day than with Taco Bell bottledawesome sauces! 

In order to throw a party for this I just had to go all out so I marched my way to the dollar store and picked up some football themed decor, I was ecstatic when I found the bowls and party platter shaped like footballs!

I thought they would make the perfect finishing touch along with a menu board propped on the table with all sorts of food laid out and of course I needed to pick up some decorations as well which lead me to these paper cutout footballs!

Also found a banner that I used as a table runner that says touch down on it which was perfect!

How cool is it that you don't have to go to the drive through at your local Taco Bell just for their sauces, they are bottled and sold in stores now!

Thanks to Crowdtap and the saucesquad I was sent all four of Taco Bells bottled sauces  such as verde, hot sauce, mild sauce and if you like to kick it up a notch fire sauce for a Super Bowl themed party to cook up some delicious food to go along with the sauces!

Just waiting in anticipation I started thinking of all kinds of recipes to go along great with these sauces.
I thought hey why not serve up some tacos, chili, nachos, and even a Cobb  salad !

I was thinking instead of having mine in a taco shell I would serve it up grilled chicken style wrapped in lettuce along with a bit of cheese and black beans along with the sauce!

I guess you can say I'm the weird woman in the family because I'm not afraid to try something new, you name it I love it!

So I decided to also whip up a 7 layer dip which I used Greek yogurt in it in place of sour cream but the first layer I ground up black beans and mixed in some all natural taco seasoning, then the yogurt,guacamole, salsa,cheese,tomatoes and topped off with a kalamata olive! It was fantastic and went along great with some chips! 

Now my mom and I aren't fans of really hot foods or sauce but have to admit they sure are tasty and packs a powerful punch!

What I like about their sauces is that you can pair it with so many dishes such as eggs, tacos, nachos, guacamole dips etc. you name it! 


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