A Better Cookie Review!

A Better Cookie started in their home where delectable baked goods were always a staple! Whenever there were guests over at the house the kitchen was the place to be where there were all kinds of delicious smells and good eats! The best dessert of all was these tasty butter cookies that are in fact made with real ingredients and friends and family raved over them so much so that people started requesting them for all kinds of special events such as baby showers, weddings, birthdays, you name it these butter cookies sure are a staple! When I came across them on the web I just had to try them!

I was sent a package of their delicious butter cookies for review and couldn't wait to try them because it was one of my favorite cookies in those tin cans you see in the store around the holidays! 

Gourmet butter cookie:
Best butter cookie I've ever tried! I loved the sweet buttery taste of the cookie along with the essence of lemon, orange and almond! Goes along great with cut up fruit, crumbled on top of some yogurt, or even ice cream!

Check them out on the web!




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  2. Thank you so much and yes I do put a lot of time and effort into writing my reviews.


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