BestFeelings bzzagent Glade Campaign

I recently was part of a new campaign on Bzzagent which is a word of mouth company and the campaign was for Glade products!

I was sent some coupons for free products and also more coupons to pass along to friends and family! 

They recently have a new plug in product that has a decorative flair to it which you plug into your outlet anywhere in the house and it alternates between two totally different scents, the one I bought with my free product coupon was apple cinnamon and lavender! 

It smells amazing throughout the house! 

I also took a picture of the plug in working it's scented magic !
You can plug it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or even the bedroom.

The other product I chose for free with my coupon was for Hawaiian Breeze wax melts!
I couldn't wait to plug in my warmer and wait for the wax to melt to put my mind at ease with the tropical scent it was like being on a beach having the waves crashing at your feet.

Ahh the smell and warmth of summertime.
What I like about the warmer so that there is no mess from the wax like there is with candles, and the wax melts come in so many different scents to make your house not only smell good but comfortable as well.
I like how it wasn't an overwhelming scent like some other air fragrances products can be.
You can find Glade products at Walmart and Target stores!


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