Jivacubes review !

I absolutely love coffee especially hot coffee when it's so cold outside as well as piping hot chocolate! 

This isn't your ordinary Colombian  coffee either what's interesting about it is that it comes in a cube hence the name Jiva cubes that's sweetened with Panela brown sugar which is like molasses but gentle. You then drop the cube of your choice into a mug and pour steaming water or milk over it then mix! You can add all sorts of mouth watering ingredients to your Jiva hot chocolates or coffee too such as coolwhip, or truwhip even drizzle on your favorite ice cream toppings such as caramel sauce, mocha, chocolate etc. 

Jiva cube facts:
Fair trade certified 
Make your drink with jiva cube hot or cold! 
Gluten free

Hot chocolate:

This weather we've been having lately with the snow and all called for a cup of piping hot chocolate. So I gathered a mug and all my ingredients for this delicious chocolaty hot chocolate! It's smooth and creamy and perfect for cold nights!
So I heated up some unsweetened chocolate milk tossed in the cube and stirred the decadent chocolate around then measured out some pb2 peanut butter, table spoon of Dr. Oetker butterscotch pudding mix and voila you've got Butterfinger hot chocolate! I've added a dollop of truwhip on top drizzled on some organic caramel sauce and topped off with some dark chocolate chips! It was amazingly out of this world delicious! 

Caramel hot chocolate:

What's not to love when caramel and chocolate are together! Loved the creamy caramel taste along with the sweetness of the chocolate! You can top it off with some chocolate chips, cacao nibs, coconut even a drizzle of caramel! 

Caramel coffee:
I'm a sucker for all things caramel and this coffee right here sure has amazing caramel flavor that's melt in your mouth delicious! I added a stevia packet and some almond milk and it was divine! 

French Vanilla coffee:
Just what I needed after coming home from work on this snowy day was a piping hot cup of French vanilla coffee. 

Skip the long lines and order jiva cubes today, it's the perfect cup of coffee or hot chocolate anytime of day! 

Hazelnut coffee:

Best ever hazelnut coffee I've ever had! 

Classic coffee:
For those of you who like just plain coffee then this one is for you ! 







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