PastaChips Review!

I know what your thinking is it a chip or is it pasta?! Now you can enjoy the taste of pasta in a chip, they are crunchy, delicious and contain a whopping 60% less fat than other chips! You can serve pasta chips with so many dishes from soups, salads or even with hummus! They make a great snack, how can it not when it tastes just like pasta?! Amazing!!! Their oven baked!

When I came across Pasta Chips on the web I thought well I love pasta and chips and that it was awesome that they are chips that have a pasta flare to them such as Alfredo, marinara, sea salt, garlic olive oil and spicy tomato and I had to try them!

I was ecstatic when they arrived for review, I couldn't wait to try them! 

Sea Salt:
I love sea salted crackers and chips so when I tried these delightful crispy lightly sprinkled with sea salt pasta chips I fell in love! They go along great with a half sandwich with some cut up fruit or even a nice hot steaming cup of soup! Love how it's not overwhelmingly salty too! I paired some of the crackers with so,e diced up apple and half of a grilled cheese sandwich!

I love Alfredo pasta and couldn't wait to try these babies, they go along great with some tomato soup! Mm good! Great cheesy flavor! 

Garlic Olive Oil:
I was amazed when I bit into this savory pasta chip it tastes just like warm garlic bread with olive oil brushed on top!

Spicy Tomato:
Love that this pasta chip doesn't pack a lot of heat to it and it goes great in chili!

Tastes just like marinara sauce! 

Discover the taste of Italy today with Pastachips, go order them on their site!





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