Celebrating my skin with Tone soft petals body wash Bzzagent Review!

You don't need a holiday to celebrate, with Tone body wash you celebrate your skin each time you turn on the shower. Your body will thank you with moisture due to spa infused ingredients such as 
 white clay,cocoa butter  and alpha-hydroxy fruit acids which helps in keeping your skin well nourished and moisturized.
I couldn't wait to try out the Tone body wash that I received through Bzzagent. 

I love body washes because not only do they smell nice and the fact that I like to pamper myself every now and then but because I get dry skin during the winter and was blown away with the sweet aroma of petal soft and how the pink peony and rose oil was luxurious and made my skin less dry .upon using it.

It felt like a day at the spa but without all the hassle of booking the appointment.

Be creative set up your own at home spa with your favorite Tone products, candles a little wine maybe and lather up for a luxurious experience! 


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