Jelly Queens All Natural jams review!

Donna Collins founder of Jelly Queens challenged Gordon Ramsay on master chef of season 2 Advised her that she had to get her foods out on the market because they were just that scrumptious! She took the advice and in 2012 her and her team members established Jelly Queens! 

When I came across Jelly Queens I just knew I had to try their jams for review, I'm a jam fanatic because not only are they delicious they go with so many dishes from sweet to savory ! 

Jelly Queen jams is a company based in Austin Texas that doesn't just whip up jams they make jellies and sauces such as chocolate sauces for ice creams and even spices for meats that would be great for grilling in the summer!
I have to admit when the package arrived and I opened the box that contained the jams I was in absolute awe at how beautiful the packaging was it looked like a present with confetti that nestled in the jam bottles and a cute little polka dotted bow tied onto the box! When I saw the flavors I would be reviewing I was a bit bummed though because I thought it would have been something sweet like their banana nut bread jam that I so wanted to try but I just knew that I would find something to whip up to go along with these jams! 

Raspberry chipotle: 

I've never had a jam before that had chipotle in it so I wasn't sure of what to expect at first. Like would it be sweet or too spicy? So a thought came to me the other night on what to pair with this jam so, why not make chicken in the oven and drizzle the jam on top! Makes a sweet glaze drizzled on top and really dresses up the chicken with all the flavors marrying together along with a bit of a zing from the chipotle! The jam has a nice seedy texture to it. The jam on the chicken made it oh so delicious and was so much better than your average BBQ sauce! 

Black Garlic rosemary jam:
Goes along perfectly on steaks, fish or even succulent chicken for a lip smacking dish you are sure to love! 





  1. Thanks Kelli! We will have to get you a jar of banana too! I made stir- fry with the black garlic tonight! It is our very best seller! I am addicted to putting it on steak but stir fry with chicken, broccoli and onions is my family's favorite

  2. The stir fry sounds delicious !! Awesome can't wait to try the banana!


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