Victoria's Kitchen Almond waters review!

David founder of Victorias Almond waters grandmother would whip up her almond water in the south of France and serve them as a refreshing treat to her grand kids and everyone loved them, due to the waters being sweetened with natural extracts and flavors with a touch of sweetness. 

Later on in life David and his wife moved to the USA and started serving the almond waters to guests and that's when a lightbulb went off and they got the idea to bottle their waters!

In 2012 Victorias kitchen was born! 

I've heard of almond milk before so when I came across these almond waters from Victoria's Kitchen at Wholefoods I became interested in them not only because they make their waters with unique flavors such as vanilla rose but because they looked refreshing. 

I was sent their almond waters for review and couldn't wait to crack open a bottle and try them! 

Here are some facts about their waters:

Gluten free
All natural
GMO free
Dairy free
Non alcoholic
Refreshing drinks made with a twist! 
Contains 100-110 calories per bottle 

Original Vanilla Rose:

I had no idea what to expect when I tried this almond water, would it be too sweet or just right? When I saw the recipe that called for this water I just knew I had to try it! It's called the guilty pleasure smoothie! All you do is blend the water along with raspberries, blueberries and a banana along with dark chocolate. I didn't have any raspberries on hand so I used strawberries instead. I am obsessed with smoothies and have them for breakfast each morning and couldn't wait to try this one! Let me tell you it was amazing! It tasted like a chocolate covered strawberry with the essence of vanilla! 

Coconut :
I've tried other coconut waters before and wasn't impressed at all until now that is.this one has an amazing coconut flavor. 

Mint and licorice:
So refreshing in this drink with the taste of licorice and mint! 

Check them out on the web and connect with them on their social media sites! 






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