Twist clean company review!

Mom and I went on a trip to Wholefoods to get some household staples one day and paraded down into the cleaning aisle I came across these cleaning sponges called Twist by Twist Clean . What's so special about their sponges is that they are plant based making them more friendly on the environment. Their sponges you can use for all kinds of things such as washing the dishes, cleaning outdoor furniture, and scrubbing the bathroom as well. 

So when I got home I looked them up on the computer and saw that they had a whole bunch of other products not just their sponges and learning more about their company such as being environment friendly I just had to review their products!

What I didn't know was that they are in partner with Mr. Clean and Dawn as well!

I was ecstatic when I received the products that I would be reviewing, I was sent Twist sponges, Dawn sponge and cloth, Mr. Clean gloves, lint rollers, and a Dawn bottle brush, where you can read about in detail below! 

Facts about Twist sponges:
Made with no toxic adhesives
Free of dyes

Mr. Clean gloves:
These gloves are great for gardening, washing the dishes, or even deep cleaning such as scrubbing the tub. You know how when you wash the dishes and get burned because the water is too hot? Best of all when wearing these gloves I didn't get burned at all while I was over the sink washing the dishes with steaming hot water. Being a housekeeper at a local hotel my hands are always on water and with the winter weather they get cracked and dried out which when it comes time to washing dishes they sting from being cracked so these gloves are fantastic to use!

Twister Bottle brush scrubbing wand:
Ever get those bottles that have caked on food at the bottom such as oatmeal? It can be such a hassle cleaning out the blender so much so that I'm always getting my fingers cut up when I'm washing it out. This scrubbing brush works like magic, it cleans deep down and gets everything out because it twists every which way in each hard to reach corner whether your washing out bottles, mason jars, drinking glasses or blenders! 

Twist Sponge:

I've used many sponges throughout my lifetime and they either get torn apart from being used or stinky, these sponges work fantastic at cleaning anything from dishes to countertops!

Bounty lint roller:
Got to love those teensy tiny lint balls that get on your clothing every so often, with Bounty
lint roller my clothing has never looked better!

Dish dumpling sponge:
Made from agave twine and tough on the greasiest messes even lasagna !

Ravioli scrubby:
A sponge that's shaped like a humongous ravioli! Great for scrubbing those pesky noodle dishes and more!

Dawn Duo sponge cloth:
This 2 in 1 sponge is great for scrubbing and wiping those dishes that are caked with food!

Mr. Clean all purpose sponges:
Great for cleaning all kinds of things from dishes to even your car! 

Dawn non scratch scrubbing sponges:
These sponges are fantastic for cleaning in tiny areas that are hard to reach. 

Twist loofah sponges:
Great for cleaning outdoors, in the bathroom, on furniture or in the kitchen! 

Ever care extra sticky lint roller:
This lint brush is perfect for removing pet hair from clothing and even furniture with it's extra powerful pick up power! 





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