Keep It Real Foods Review!

Katie Coleman founder of Keep It Real Foods company at the age of 11 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and instead of using sugars would use artificial Sweeteners as we know they don't taste good at all they have an aftertaste because of the chemicals used to sweeten them. Don't let labels fool us people just because something says low sugar or sugar free it still offers a ton of carbohydrates which isn't good especially if your watching your carb intake. 

So her and her mom were on a mission when they started baking with less sugar and low carb ingredients, later on in life she come to realize that foods claiming to be all natural, healthy etc. aren' t at all what their cracked up to be by having a long list of ingredients on their labels so she created foods with real ingredients that would make not only our 
bodies happy knowing we get proper nutrients but ourselves happy too! That's when. Keep It Real Foods company was born!

Grain free Seedy crackers:
Packed with toasted  organic chia, organic sesame and organic flax seeds that are seasoned with black pepper and salt. Great for dipping into hummus or even cheese and crackers!  I packed these crispy crackers along with some cottage cheese and an apple for lunch one day

Grain Free Granola:
Wonderful granola mixed with organic dried apples, organic coconut, salt, vanilla, cinnamon, packed with organic pumpkin ,flax, sesame and sunflower seeds along with almonds and a touch of honey! 
I am a huge granola fan whether it's mixed in with some yogurt, organic fruit, in ice cream, baking or smoothies! I made a pbj smoothie this morning for breakfast consisting of unsweetened almond milk, vanilla wallaby yogurt, organic strawberries and blueberries with pb2 blended it up and spooned in some granola to go on top! All the flavors together was simply divine, especially the crunchy topping from the granola with a hint of sweetness from the coconut! 

Flourless peanut butter cookies:
Made with coconut palm sugar, salt, baking soda, eggs and peanuts for these delightful cookies! Tasted just like a peanut butter ball! Best ever peanut butter cookie I've tried in a long time! It wasn't too dry it was moist and delicious!





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