Pearls Olives To go review and giveaway!

I can't even remember the last time we made some pizza in our household so when I received the olives for review in their handy snack container that's what came to my mind is a warm gooey pizza with the works on it such as cheese, sauce, veggies and of course the finishing touch olives!

I'd like to think a good pizza starts with the crust, but what makes a pizza extra special is the toppings! 

Olives have been a favorite of mine ever since I was a child eating them off my fingertips at the dinner table, you have to admit you've done so as a kid! 

All that liquid from the can made them drippy which because a big mess to clean up !

What makes these portable olives so great is that they contain no liquid in them so it means no mess and you can add them to so many dishes such as pizza, dips, salads or pair them along with veggies such as carrots!

They are great for lunches on the go!

Did you know that olives contain no saturated fats, less calories and less total fat than potato chips?! Sounds pretty crazy right?!

Three lucky winners will be chosen and receive their very own olives to go pack! 





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