Nothinbutfoods Review!

When I'm craving something sweet I tend to go for something chocolaty or even fruity with nuts mixed in, so when I came across Nothinbutfoods company online and saw their mouth watering supply of granola bars and granola cookies I just had to try them! 

Nothin But the facts:
Wheat free
Butter free
Egg free
Kosher certified 

Granola cookies:
Made with oats, dried fruits, nuts, seeds,organic sugar,olive oil and honey.

Chocolate coconut almond granola cookies:

Chocolate and coconut go hand in hand and this cookie was amazing with slivered almonds and granola making it crunchy and sweet, tasted like my favorite cookie which is a Samoa!

They also have ginger lemon cashew flavor as well! 

Granola bars:
Made with oats, honey, organic cane sugar and olive oil.

Cherry cranberry almond:

Tasted like a muffin infused with cherries it was soft and chewy and oh so delicious! Goes along great with some yogurt even paired with fruit!

Peanut Butter Banana:
Tasted like a warm baked banana bread with creamy peanut butter and some chocolate chips, and made the perfect snack to hold me till lunch time!





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