Juil's Sandals Review

I was sent a pair of these beautiful sandals from Juil for a review.

When I opened the box the wow factor was set!

I could not believe my eyes at how beautiful these looked and to add the perfect touch they added in a bag to put them in!

Above in the photo is the super cute bag!

They even have little toe inserts where your toes go right inside of the sandals!

How cute is that!?

When it comes to my feet I don't know about you but I need something that is comfortable and easy to walk in.

Especially in the Summer time!

Being at the beach is just enough sometimes walking on that hot sand all day without sandals or flip flops!

Am I right?

Your feet get burned and then you are uncomfortable and want to leave the beach which is no fun.

Or even when you go out somewhere fancy and you have to dress up just a bit, these are the perfect footwear for that!

They are pretty, comfortable and match just about any color or type of clothing you may have in your wardrobe!

They offer a wide selection from men's to women's in sandals, flip flops and shoes!

For all of you shoe lovers you need to go and take a peek!


  1. Oh! I love bags! And those sandals really are cute! Great pick I'll have to check out their site.


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