Alvarado Street Bakery Review

One thing I can never give up when eating sensible is baked goods such as breads, bagels or English muffins.

I just got to have them,but in moderation of course.

Most importantly is that they are not just satisfying taste wise but healthy as well.

I used to eat a lot of foods that are processed, but I am more aware now of products that are made with the best ingredients such as whole grains and real products not those fillers they use in other breads.

I was sent some coupons to try these wonderful products from

Started producing whole grain organic baked good for their local community in 1979, and can be traced back to Food For The People Not For The Profit organization in the
San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1981 five brigade workers decided to form a worker cooperative and then  purchased the bakery and formed Semper Virens Bakery Food Cooperative.

Which means Ever Green.

Botanical name from the areas largest treasures is how the company got their name was from  ancient red wood forests. 

As well as the road sign they came across as well! 

I went to Whole Foods market and picked up some bread and bagels of theirs.

They are sold in the frozen foods section.


pizza bread


certified organic
 no preservatives 

Wow what a great breakfast this morning!

Made an omelet with some ham,cheese and tomato with a sprouted wheat onion poppy seed bagel with some Melt butter on it!


So delicious.

The bagel was light, airy and the flavor was amazing! 

First bite of the bagel I could tell that it wasn't like any ordinary old bagel it was healthier.

Check them out online at the sites below!

Be sure to like their Face Book page!

Stop and Shop
Whole Foods
Shop Rite
City Market
and more!


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