CrispRoot Chips Review

I don't know about you but when I have a sandwich or salsa I need some chips to go with it!

Thing is not all chips are healthy.

I like chips that are crunchy, slightly salted and have a ton of flavor.

I am delighted to talk to my viewer's on Losing Weight My Mission about these chips that I was given to review by Crisp Root

Did you know that these chips have 30% less fat than your average potato chips, and also double the fiber.

What's so great about these chips is that they are made from the roots of a Cassava shrub(manihoc esculenta)which is cultivated throughout parts of Asia, Africa and South America.

Also the name Cassava is known as Tapioca! 

Wow, I didn't know that!

The Cassava root is the primary energy source for 800 million people all over the planet. 

delicious chips with ridges that are
perfect for dipping
less fat than regular chips

Free of:

Nut products 

The flavors I was sent to review are:

BBQ Bliss:

Now I have tried many BBQ chips, let me tell you these don't even compare to them at all!


They are so much better than the regular ones because they are healthier.

They don't have an overwhelming BBQ taste where you almost gag on it from being too spicy.

Tasty, crunchy and delicious!

Did I mention how good they are!?

Sea Salt:

lightly salted great for dipping


So good, whoever loves original chips will love these!

Thai Ginger:

I've never heard of chips with ginger in them, but these are amazing!

Not an overpowering gingery taste and not too sweet.

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