Laptop Lunches Bento-Ware Review

As a kid I remember skipping to the bus stop each morning with my shoes tied tight and the best lunches ever from the most amazing woman, I call her mom!

I would remember the anticipation just waiting till lunch time to see what she had packed me!

With lunch box in hand I would dash through the hall to lunch in the cafeteria and carefully open my lunch box, ah the joy of finding a treat!

What was your favorite treat in your lunch box?

Mine was cookies!

The problem with some lunch boxes though they aren't big enough to store everything, especially containers and a thermos!

The thermos would leak at times because the lid wasn't on tight enough, then your sandwich gets all soggy!

Nobody wants a soggy lunch!

Be creative and have fun with your food with Laptop Lunches.

I received a bento ware lunch box for review and I am loving it!

Love the color, how it comes with containers so you don't have to spend all of that money buying them separately!

Most importantly I like how it's not so big and bulky! 

Laptop lunches is a laptop bento lunch box that is dish washer safe, environment friendly, and has room for spoons, forks, sandwiches and snacks!

Has 5 containers inside of them, and you can mix and match the colors!

The kids will love them too!

Visit their website below for:

*inspirational menus*
*Lunch making tips*
*Replacement parts*
*Fun and creative lunch ideas*
*Kid Friendly Recipes*

and also connect with them on these sites!

Follow them, like them!

Great product and I highly recommend. 

They offer a ton of other products as well go to their page and take a look!

Other products:

forks and spoons
bento buddies
ice packs
cloth napkins
drink bottles
bento jars
carriers, totes and sleeves
and more!

Dishwasher safe (top rack only)
Made in The USA
no phthalates 
no bpa, lead or PVC
microwaveable safe


  1. Those look so fun! We don't send the kids anywhere for meals, but I bet it'd motivate them to eat meals they weren't thrilled about sometimes. (Especially my toddlers!) Thanks for the review!

  2. It sure is! You could send the kids to school with these, they are lunch boxes!


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