Rob's Really Good Drinks Review

I was sent these wonderful drinks to review from Rob's Really Good which happens to be the founder of the popular snack Pirate's Booty! Arrr!

That's something I did not know!

Along with the drinks I received a very cool t-shirt with their logo on it and a Frisbee. 

I took in a few flavors to some of my co workers at work so they could try them!

Try a sip of their all natural flavors!



I love all things coconut, whether it's a candy bar or a beverage.

I tried it and loved it!

So far it's my favorite.

It's not too sweet and it's very refreshing!

Tart Cherry:

pretty good stuff



Whoa. refreshing

Coconut Pineapple:
Not too sweet and is so delicious and refreshing!


I've got to say this has got some great flavor to it!

Never tried anything like it in my life!

They also have them in tea flavors as well such as:

Half and Half (Tea and lemonade)
Peachy Keen

Also have Mango Mon!

From the designs on the bottles to the quirky names of the teas these delicious drinks are sure to please!

Pick up one today!

Sold at Shaw's Super market and many more!

Check them out for yourself here!


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