Zensoy Review

When it comes to eating healthy sometimes it can be tough.

Especially with all of those late night cravings for something sweet!

Such as chocolate!


There will be obstacles in your way but you have to be strong and just try to change it up a bit.

Go for something sweet but guilt free.

When I have a hankering for something sweet I reach for my little pudding cup from Zensoy.

I was sent some coupons to review these wonderful tasty products.

So far though I've only found the puddings.

They are chocolaty, delicious, sweet, good for you and made from soy milk!

They are also organic which is awesome!

Gross, check this out.

Did you know that 97% of soybeans are sprayed with pesticides?! 

So 90% of soy milk on the shelves at markets contain pesticides in them!

Switch to Zen soy for pure delicious organic puddings and soy milk!

What they don't use:
chemical pesticides
petroleum based fertilizers 

Chocolate pudding:

I have tried puddings and loved them, but not like this one!

It's so much better than the rest!

First bite I knew it was healthy and better for me.

The chocolate taste is sweet but not too sweet and it's delicious!

Vanilla pudding:

I thought this flavor was pretty good.

Not too sweet and I added in some blueberries!

So good!

Other products they offer:

Soy on the go flavors
juice gels (jello form)
soy milk
and of course their yummy puddings!

Check them out online over at these social networking sites!


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