Can Do Kid review

Deborah Luster founder of Can Do Kid's noticed that there was a lack of products for young children that were focused on positive self esteem.

She set out for that void and wrote a book to inspire children called I Can Do Anything!

The book became the start of the company and called it Can Do Kid Inc.

We all know being a kid can be tough especially with self esteem issues.

I think the books are a great way for dealing with these issues because of their motivating titles.

The second book is titles "I am Happy Just The Way I am." is especially a great title because sometimes kids are made fun of early on in life and start to think of themselves badly.

They are for children of all ages and not only do they have books they have protein bars as well!

I was sent their books and the bars for a review!

The protein bars were made by busy moms and their active kids!

Going to soccer practice, girl scouts or a  swim meet?

Don't forget to pack your Can Do Kid bars !

Created with the help of hundreds of kids and their moms.

Sold at:
Whole Foods
natural stores
Independent stores


Gluten free
All natural

I loved each flavor of these bars!

They were delicious, fixed my sweet tooth craving and they were in bite sized squares!


Chocolate Crunch:

A rice crispy like center coated in milk chocolate, makes a sweet and delicious treat and not to mention healthy!

Cookies & Cream:
a creamy center with chocolate chips bathed in milk chocolate.

Very delicious and if you have a craving for a cookies and cream candy bar this sweet healthy treat sure does the trick!

Can Illa Vanilla:

A creamy delicious velvety white chocolate coated over a graham cracker like crust!

So good!

Mom's I know you have got to be sneaking these for yourself!

Shame on you.

They have bars for adults as well !

formulated with 11 grams of protein and all natural, gluten free and so delicious!

The best thing of all is that your children's school can hold a fundraiser offering these bars!

How great is that?!

Want to learn more about them?

Check them out at the sites below. 


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