Clean Well

That's right, flu season has arrived.

Ugh, no fun at all when there are tons of icky germs going around in and out of the school systems.

How do you keep yourself and loved ones from getting sick in your home?

I keep myself from getting sick by constantly washing my hands.

With that in mind though my hands get very dry and cracked and irritated. 

I look for the best products such as hand soaps, sprays, or lotions etc. for my hands. 

One that will moisturize my skin to keep from drying out.

With winter here it just zaps the moisture right out! 


The wipes packet is missing from the picture above, used them all. oops. 

When I found out I was going to do a review for Clean Well hand products I was ecstatic!

Was even more happy when I found out I was going to be receiving EOS hand lotion and lip balms with my Clean Well products to review.

I hate to complain, because I love these products.

They work great and are keeping my hands from drying out.

Well when my package arrived I didn't receive the EOS products.

Instead I received sample sizes of the products for Clean Well, which is great!

So I then emailed the person who sent them to me and told him that I didn't receive the EOS products.

Don't get me wrong,

I have to say I loved using them!

all natural
alcohol free
safe for kids
4 times more uses out of it than gels
moisturizing formula so you won't dry out your hands

Orange Vanilla spray:

Don't have time to wash your hands?

Spritz some Orange Vanilla and voila clean hands!

I love how when you spray it on you don't get the alcohol smell like other products have such as gels for hands. 

Instead you get the sweet and delicious aroma of orange vanilla.

Botanical Wipes:

Smells wonderful and cleans hands on contact.

All you have to do is just wipe your hands and your good to go!

I love them so much that I even use them as a disinfecting wipe for furniture! 

EOS hand lotion:

makes my hands feel soft and look renewed.

Also smells great!

no more dryness!

Now I know the kind of lotion that works for me!

EOS lip balms:

hello hydration, makes them kiss-ably smooth.

other products they sell:
hand and face wipes
foaming soap
liquid soap
fabric deodorizers 

After I emailed, I received a response then was shocked when I received this!

Yes, I received the EOS products, but when the package arrived it was ripped and the containers of the wipes were busted and smashed. 

You can see in the below photos.

One of the bottles was smashed beyond repair by having the top of it cracked where the wipes were exposed.

So glad they didn't dry out though because I put them in a zip lock baggie. 

After I had saw the damage I emailed and haven't heard a response since. 

Like I stated earlier though I love the products and couldn't be more happier that my hands are no longer very dry.

I was just not too thrilled how this package above was shipped to me.

Other than that they work great, smell great and leave your hands feeling clean!

Want to check out their products?

Check them out online here!

Sold at:

Whole Foods
Earht fare
The Vitamin Shoppe
Stop & Shop
and much more! 


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