Boylan Bottling Company Review

I was sent Boylan Shirley Temple sodas for review.

First though let me tell you a little bit about the company and how it got the name.

In 1981 William Boylan developed an elixir in his Paterson, New Jersey apothecary. He named it Boylan's Birch being a derivative from birch trees.

Through out the years they were distributed in many forms and packages.

Marketed as a soda fountain beverage in the early days before it was bottled in the 1900's.

During the prohibition in the the 1920's it was actually contained in beer barrels!

The birch beer was sold primarily in kegs to taverns in New Jersey.

Their 12 ounce bottles that are creative by structure are well known.

Boylan still today can be found in soda fountains at restaurants. 

Not only do they have birch beer, they have a wide selection stemming from regular, club, seltzers, and diet!

Black Cherry
Ginger Ale
Root Beer
Shirley Temple
Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer

I absolutely loved drinking soda as a kid.

I remembered when my family and I would go to the Malt Shoppe right up the road from where I live and we would get a soda and ice cream.
Just the look of the bottles from Boylan took me back to my childhood, reminding me of the great memories of the Fourth of July when we would be patiently awaiting for the fireworks to be set off while snacking on our ice creams and sipping our sodas.

So sad that it went out of business many years ago though.

We need businesses like these again!

Oh to be young again! 

Check them out online!

Like their face book page! 

I love the old fashion soda bottles and that you can save them!


  1. have not heard of these will have to check them out

  2. never heard of these but i really wanna try that Shirley temple!

  3. I LOVE soda, and have been trying to cut back. This must be sooo good seeings how they sound awesome! Thanks for the review!
    Amy D

  4. OMG I love Shirley Temples! WANT WANT!

  5. I think these are sooooo good! I gave one to my neighbor and she is saving hers to not make it so "innocent" lol!

  6. I love Shirley Temples and glass bottles of soda! This is awesome! I want some!

  7. Nice! They taste amazing! Love the cherry taste!

  8. These look yummy, I am going to have to try them out!

  9. I think they have these at a little ma and pop type of store we sometimes stop at for ice cream. I have been hesitant about trying them but now I'll be trying them out thanks to your review.

  10. I love glass bottle sodas ! i miss seeing to try this!!!

  11. They sure are yummy! You don't see too many Ma and Pop stores anymore just a few of them around. Yum ice cream! Thanks Janette!

  12. Wow how cool!! I have never tried them but I will have to check them out now :)


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