The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks review

I'm a healthy and adventurous eater, I like to try new things.

Especially if it's healthy then I am all for it!

Especially if it's a snack.

Always like to have some kind of delicious snack in my purse whether I'm at work or going to be out most of the day.

It helps me keep on track with eating right.

I am delighted to be doing this review for chickpea snacks from a company called The Good Bean.

I've tried chickpeas before in hummus but not like this at all!

Wow, they are outrageously good.

The Good Bean company uses a special kind of chickpea called the "Desi" chickpea, which has twice the amount of soluble fiber and a great source of plant protein.

Has low glycemic index and perfect for diabetics.

Did I mention they are perfect roasted?

They give a great flavor with an added crunch to them.

Roasted chickpea snacks:

Cracked pepper:

Sea Salt:

Smoky Chili and lime:

sweet cinnamon:

Like I stated above, I've tried chickpeas before but not like this at all. 

I never thought that they could taste great sweet as they do savory in hummus!

First bite you get the crunch and then the delicious cinnamon sweet taste!

I also received their snack bars as well to review!

These bars are made with no nuts at all!

made from whole roasted chickpeas and pieces of fruit!


All natural
Hexane free (used to extract protein)
fair trade


chocolate berry-

decadent chocolate and berries makes the perfect tasty treat 

fruit and seeds trail mix- 

oops didn't snap a photo before I ate it!

roasted chickpeas, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds. they sweeten the cranberries with pineapple juice! Yum!

apricot and coconut-

Oh my god I am in love!

This bar was amazing!

It's healthy, sweet and delicious!

crispy chick peas then the fruity taste of apricots with the decadent smoothness of white chocolate!


I am sad it's all gone,now I have to buy one!

If you are interested in their products check them out here online!


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