Food Should Taste Good Review

What is it that you look for when it comes to snacking on chips?

Is it the healthy ingredients, the crunch, the saltiness or a certain kind of flavor?

These chips from Food Should Taste Good have all of that and more!

They are so delicious, crispy, bit salty and the flavor is outrageously good.

Did I mention they are addicting?

They are great dipped in salsa or right out of the bag!

They offer a wide variety of flavors ranging from multi grain to kettle.

They even have crackers!

Gluten free
zero grams trans fat
cholesterol free
kosher certified

I was sent these amazing chips for review and wow they are tasty.

Multi Grain:

Offers a great crispy nutty flavor.

So delicious.

Love the taste and the crunch you get when you bite into them!

Sprinkle some cheese on top and make some nachos!

Add salsa, black beans and sour cream if your feeling a little festive!

Keep in mind I haven't tried all of the flavors yet I was sent to review.


Blue Corn:

Original Sweet Potato:

Their kettle cooked flavors are:

salt and pepper sweet potato
barbecue sweet potato
salt and vinegar sweet potato
original sweet potato

Tortilla Chips:

Blue corn
blue corn dipping chips
the works
white cheddar
toasted sesame
kettle corn
hatch chile

Want to check them out online!?


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