Nature's Bakery Review

I was sent these fig bars to review from a company by the name of Nature's Bakery who believes in creating all natural quality foods that we can not only benefit from but enjoy!


All natural
Cholesterol free

Made from stone ground wheat flour.

Wow was I amazed or what when this showed up on my door step!

I thought I was getting a few flavors of each bar, but no not at all!

I was sent boxes of every flavor in this great big box!

I probably have enough to last me a year, or wait maybe not even because they are so good!

Prepare to be amazed.


The best part to a fig cookie is the filling aren't I right?

Once again I was blown away!

Not only are the ingredients all natural they taste so delicious and fruity.

The fig cookie is chewy and not dry and just the right amount of fruit filling!

Little known facts:

The seeds of raspberries were traced from Eastern Asia during the prehistoric times as well as the western hemisphere. 

No one thought of their deliciousness until the 16th century!

We should be thanking human travelers!

They were carried and spread accidentally and intentionally worldwide!

Excellent source of fiber, vitamin C and manganese

Vanilla Fig:

Whole Wheat Fig:

Peach Apricot:

Vanilla Raspberry:


Apple Cinnamon:

It's OK, you can put your tongues back in your mouths now from drooling over this tasty and delicious review!

Be sure to check them out!


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