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Nooodle all natural soups review!

Terri Rogers founder of Nooodle happened upon shirataki noodles in 2009 and thought how can a noodle contain no gluten, net carbs or calories? How could we Americans not have caught on that the Japanese culture have been consuming these noodles all along? She then came up with her own invention of noodles without the guilt! So she then whipped up recipes that are gluten free low in net carbs but still taste great! She would serve them to customers and they raved about them, with her own american flair to them rather than the shiitake version of the noodles. Then Nooodle company was born! 

This winter has been brutal what with the cold and all, I love to warm up with a nice hot cup of soup it warms me right up and it's delicious and healthy as well. So what's your favorite soup? What do you like to pair with it? Sometimes I shred up some cheese or toss in a few crackers and it makes for a great lunch! When I came across Nooodle all natural soups I was quite curious about their p…

Munch of Fun review!

While browsing on Pinterest one night I came across a wonderful review on Munch of fun  which is a snack company that delivers  healthy snacks right to your door!  Kristen Griffiths founder of  munch of fun is awesome is she offers all types of meals to choose from whether it's morning munchies or energy wave meal kit comes a special treat such as a little toy for your children. They come with floss sticks, a little pouch of Purell hand sanitizer, a napkin with a plastic fork and knife and or spoon. 
Some also come with a juice box! Your kid will be the coolest kid at the lunch table at school with munch of fun lunch box! 
I got to reading about her company and saw all of the wonderful assortments of meals that are contained in each box and I just had to review them! I loved the detail that went into each box, they look just like a lunch box only a lot cooler with delicious snacks toys and more! Here are some facts about Munch of Fun:
They require no cleanup Requires no refrigeration  G…

Urthbox Review!

While browsing one night on the popular website Pinterest I came across another subscription box site called Urthbox. So let me tell you about their site. It's a monthly subscription box that's packed with all kinds of delicious snacks that are for all types of people such as vegans, gluten intolerant, people who are on a diet or your classic and they are non GMO as well! Each box contains a whopping 12-15 products which are equal to a $50 that's delivered right to your door and you can cancel at any time. You can choose from a one month subscription, three months or even six. The best part of all is you get to earn rewards for buying products you love through their website and when you get your box they offer a coupon code for your family and friends how cool is that?! 

So anyway when I came across them I just had to review their snacks! Who doesn't love getting snacks delivered to their door?! It's convenient and always fun to try out new products! 

I was sent thei…

Special K coffeehouse protein breakfast shake bzzagent campaign !

As I got older I changed my ways of eating and was so hooked on Special K products especially the red berry cereal they were all so tasty! 

So when I was sent an invite through bzzagent to try their new breakfast shakes packed with protein I couldn't pass them up so I jumped at the opportunity to try them!

I couldn't wait to try their drinks being that I've loved their other products so when I found out that it was packed with protein I was sold!

I usually tend to make my own protein shakes at home because I can control what goes into my shake and it's more healthier, but I'm not afraid to try something new!

It's better when you know what goes into your drink and or food rather than reading the back of the nutrition label and say huh what's that word?! 

I've lost a lot of weight 107 pounds to be exact by changing my ways of eating and exercising so I guess you could call me a to put it lightly nutrition snob, I try to eat almost all organic ingredients becau…

Saint and Olive Biscotti review!

Have I got a sweet review to share with you all today! These wonderful biscotti from Saint and Olive are the perfect pairing with a nice hot piping cup of coffee or even hot chocolate! 
These aren't your average biscotti either each of them are made with the finest of ingredients whether they are sweet or savory biscotti! 
Olive Loew founder of saint and olive biscotti grew up in the military and lived in Connecticut for quite sometime close to her mothers Italian side of the family. 
While browsing through her great grandmothers and grandmothers recipes one day a recipe for the biscotti arrived via mail. 
The local newspaper had written an article for the paper regarding her great aunts biscotti that came along with a letter.
Which Olive then started whipping up the biscotti from the recipe and sent them off to friends and family for their take on the flavors.
The business all began with her love for baking! 
I came across saint and olive biscotti online and I just had to try them out! 

Starbucks Blond Verdana blend bzzagent campaign!

I absolutely love coffee whether it's iced or hot. 
It's funny because I've never really liked hot coffee before until now. It warms you up on those rainy days or snowy nights when your snuggled up on the couch with your pjs and a nice hot cup of joe! 
I've never had Starbucks coffee though before, I would always go in and get one of their famous frappes which was years ago.
So when I was invited to the Starbucks Blond Verdana blend campaign through bzzagent I jumped at the opportunity to try it out!
I had a choice to either pick the Kcups or the coffee beans in a bag. So I went along with the quick and easy solution which was of course the k cups!
It's funny too, I have a Keurig brewer and don't use it as often as I should especially since the weather has been quite brutal this winter and all!

Thanks to Starbucks and Bzzagent I will be using my Keurig a lot more!

So I got out the Kcup poured some water into the machine and then pushed the brew button and then presto …