Stoneridge Orchards Review!

I love experimenting with new recipes from overnight oats to smoothies especially with juicy fruits that are bursting with flavors such as peaches, raspberries, blueberries and even cherries!

Talk about flavorful when you take an old ordinary recipe and kick it up a notch with some dried fruits!

I've always loved dried fruits and when I saw these wonderful bright colored packages of fruits in a near by store I just knew I had to try them, I had so many recipes in mind I wanted to try out!

Especially when it's covered in chocolate, it's the best of both worlds!! 

It all began in Washington with a modern homestead lottery where the winner would own 160 acres of land for farming in central Washington. Later on in 1962 Karl Dorsing always wanted to own his own land and farm it in fact it was his dream! He then entered the contest from there and won! He then moved his family from Salem Oregon to Royal city Washington then the rest was history! 

Dorsing family has been growing organic and all natural cherries, raspberries, peaches, blueberries and apples since 1962. 

In 2006 they built a processing facility that's used to dry and freeze their fruits for manufactures to buy for their granola bars, muffin mixes and much more! 

In 2010 the Dorsing family began marketing Stoneridge Orchards as their own brand and also added dark chocolate and Greek yogurt to their fruits as well which make them so addictive! 

Stoneridge Orchards facts:

No artificial colors or preservatives
No sulfates
No high fructose corn syrup
No hydrogenated oils

Mixed berries:
I loved mixed berries whether frozen with a bit of yogurt or dried the flavors together are simply amazing how thou get a taste of both sweet and tart from the berries. So when I saw this mixture I thought right away what I was going to use it for! A mixed berry chocolate covered smoothie! I gathered all my ingredients such as organic frozen mixed berries, a bit of yogurt, and chocolate milk. I blended all the ingredients up then poured it into my blender bottle them topped it off with a tablespoon of truwhip, tossed on the mixed berry mixture and also added in dark chocolate chips! It tasted amazing! 


These delightful tangy raspberries go along great in yogurt, oatmeal, on a salad or even in baking! 

Dried Blueberries:
Sundays are a busy long day at work and at times forget to eat, so this morning I made easy pancakes that consist of oats, cottage cheese, eggs, vanilla and I added in frozen blueberries. On top I added on some unsweetened coconut with dried blueberries and Maplegrove farms syrup, it was delightful! So easy to make and this will defiantly hold me till lunch time. 

Dried peaches:

I made a batch of peaches n cream overnight oats for my breakfast this morning and added in some yogurt, oats of course, vanilla extract, a tablespoon of canned peaches and topped it off with more yogurt and them the dried peaches for an added peachy touch! It sure was delightful! Tasted like a decadent dessert but completely guilt free!

Dark chocolate covered blueberries:
I put some of these chocolaty covered blueberries on a chocolate covered blueberry smoothie and it was fantastic! 

Yogurt covered blueberries:
Tossed some of these yogurt covered blueberries along with some raisins for a snack after my workout !

Dark chocolate covered cherries:
For a tasty treat I whipped up one of my favorite smoothies which is chocolate covered cherry! It's so good! I had a coupon for a $1.00 off on three yogurt Newmans Own and I bought a cherry one and had just the recipe in mind for it too! Anyway I blended up the cherry yogurt along with some frozen organic cherries and also chocolate almond milk! It's creamy, delicious and chocolaty! I added some truwhip then topped it off with some chocolate covered cherries and it was divine it was the perfect dessert that's completely guilt free! 

Sweet and tangy cranberries:

I thought what goes great with cranberries and a thought came to me chicken salad! So I gathered my ingredients such as all natural chicken cut into bite sized chunks of course. Then I grabbed some veganaise out of the fridge which is like mayonnaise, some organic yellow mustard and some honey I made it into honey mustard chicken salad tossed with some of these tangy and sweet cranberries and pecans! It was delightful all of the flavors together and made a great lunch on a slice of sesame seed Ezekial bread! 

Dark chocolate covered cranberries:
Tangy cranberries meet velvety smooth dark chocolate! 

Greek yogurt covered cranberries:
Perfect bite size snack, mix in some organic pretzels and and your good to go!

Berry mix:
Delightful mixture of berries for yogurt, oatmeal or even baking!

Pomegranate and berries:
Brightens up smoothies!




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