Cuppow Mason Jar Lids Review!

Going from the gym to work I need something that's quick and easy to eat and most importantly keeps me full plus keeps me going till lunch time. 

So I pack my own lunches and snacks whether for work or after my workout because sometimes I don't go straight home I'm always on the go! 

So what I find to me are most filling is a smoothie chock full of healthy ingredients like organic fruits, organic yogurt some almond milk and also oats even overnight oatmeal! They are filling and are the perfect breakfast! 

Overnight oats are especially a new trend of mine they are fantastic, all you do is take a mason jar and toss in some ingredients such as oats, yogurt, fruit, chia seeds and put a lid on it and leave it in the fridge overnight then in the morning it's thick and ready to eat! 

I found Cuppow on Pinterest and was very intrigued about their products because they are actually made from recyclable BPA free plastic. They don't just sell have lids for jars they have coffee sock reusable filters. I'm a huge fan of smoothies and they are the perfect pick me up after the gym or anytime of day when your on the go! So when I came across their lids online I just had to review them!

Wide mouth lid:
Sip on your favorite drink whether it be iced coffee, a smoothie, lemonade and more in style with Cuppow drinking lids! The awesome thing about this lid is that you can enjoy to without all the messy spills and it even has a spot to insert a straw. So whether your on your way to work, relaxing at the beach Cuppow lids are the way to go they add style to any old can jar! 

Regular mouth jar:
You'll have a travel mug in no time with this lid!

Wide BNTO lid:
How cool is this you turn a regular old canning jar into a lunch box with this BNTO lid by just taking off the lids of the canned jar and then slip the BNTO into the jar and then you put the seal over the BNTO then tightly screw on the lid! Voila you have your very own lunch box for on the go meals whether you layer a salad into the jar, use it for hummus and veggies, yogurt and granola and more! 







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