Oliver Kita artisanal chocolates review!

Chef Oliver Kita has a love for baking and cooking with decadent rich flavors and scents of chocolate with citrus, nuts, berries, flowers , spices and herbs over the past twenty or so years. He then studied and trained with top master chocolatiers on two continents. Then Oliver Kita fine artisan chocolates were born using the finest ingredients from fruits to award winning sweet butter! When making the chocolates Oliver uses fair trade cocoa and organic chocolates as well! 

When I came across these fine chocolates on the web I knew I had to review them they looked amazing from the detail on each little chocolate truffle and they looked so creamy and delicious as well! 

Oliver sent me an assortment of chocolates to try for review and I was in awe at how beautiful the packaging looked carefully wrapped in tissue paper with a bow tied around them! Then when you open the box you see the beautiful art painted onto each chocolate with it's own unique design! They were almost too pretty to eat! 

Organic collection:

Hands down the best assortment of chocolates I've ever tried! Each chocolate has it's own unique design on it whether it's edible glitter or looks like someone hand painted them! They sure are purely decadent little chocolate treasures in my book! 

Beekman butter crunch:
What's not to love when chocolate and cocoa butter team up?! It's chocolaty and buttery both at the same with a hint of sea salt mm lip smacking good! 

Clermont cappuccino:
Who says you can't have coffee and chocolate!? This candy bar right here has just that with it's mixture of nibs and espresso! 

St. Patricks day collection:

Not your average chocolates these Bon bons have an added flair to each one of them! 

St. Paddy's:
Good ol classic harp with a twist! 

The shamrock bomb:
Pretzels and Guinness oh my!

Irish setter:
Now were talking anything with coffee I love! Coffee and Bailys! Known to cure hangovers! 

If you have a love for chocolate then I recommend going to their website and ordering some because they are the most beautiful chocolates I've ever seen! They have all sorts of chocolate collections from fashion to holidays! They make perfect gifts to for those loved ones of yours! Hint hint Easter is coming! 






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