Special K coffeehouse protein breakfast shake bzzagent campaign !

As I got older I changed my ways of eating and was so hooked on Special K products especially the red berry cereal they were all so tasty! 

So when I was sent an invite through bzzagent to try their new breakfast shakes packed with protein I couldn't pass them up so I jumped at the opportunity to try them!

I couldn't wait to try their drinks being that I've loved their other products so when I found out that it was packed with protein I was sold!

I usually tend to make my own protein shakes at home because I can control what goes into my shake and it's more healthier, but I'm not afraid to try something new!

It's better when you know what goes into your drink and or food rather than reading the back of the nutrition label and say huh what's that word?! 

I've lost a lot of weight 107 pounds to be exact by changing my ways of eating and exercising so I guess you could call me a to put it lightly nutrition snob, I try to eat almost all organic ingredients because it makes my body and I feel energized and not sluggish like when you eat a bunch of junk food and don't want to move.

Chocolate mocha:

One of my favorite pairings is chocolate and coffee! I have tried mocha blend coffee before and fell in love with it, the creaminess of the chocolate and the bold taste of mocha! I couldn't wait to twist the cap off and sip on this delicious yet satisfying drink! It was rich, flavorful and was the perfect quick grab and go breakfast  which I also paired with a banana before I hit the gym! It kept me full till lunch time! 

Vanilla cappuccino:

This reminded me of a French vanilla coolata from Dunkin Donuts! It is that good, bold taste of cappuccino with the subtle creaminess of vanilla! I diced up an organic apple and spooned in a few organic raisins to go along with the shake for breakfast it was satisfying and held me till lunch time! 

I'm so glad I got to try these drinks, they are delicious and full of flavor and protein! 
For anyone who loves Special K products you have got to try these! 


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