Pulse Roasted Chickpeas Review!

Pulse Roasted Chickpeas Review!

Made with the freshest of organic ingredients to snack with a purpose and are baked to perfection! 

These snacks are bursting with flavor and contain less than 220 calories in a bag and also a whopping 10 grams of protein and fiber making it a crunchy anytime snack for you to munch on and enjoy! 

They are also low in fat, gluten free, and low on the glycemic index! 

They come in different varieties such as balsamic, spicy lemon zest, sea salt and garlic. Not much of a savory foods person not to worry they've got sweet ones too!

The sweet flavors include apple cinnamon raisin, vegan dark chocolate, and tropical trail mix.

The flavors I picked for my review were the sweet ones of course because I love to enjoy a good sweet once in awhile! 

Here are some healthy benefits as well for chickpeas:

They boost energy due to being high in iron
Stabilizes blood sugar
Lowers the risk of breast cancer for women
Minimizes hot flashes for menopausal women
Protects against osteoporosis 
And much more!! 

Tropical trail mix:

Roasted chickpeas with dried tropical fruits and the best part coconut chips blended right in! I whipped up a tropical fruit smoothie for breakfast and topped it off with a spoonful of the chickpeas and it was fruity and delicious!

Apple cinnamon raisin:
Whenever I have a apple cinnamon raisin type food it gives me a warm feeling inside just thinking of Autumn when it's not too cold yet sipping on apple cider smelling the warm baked foods of apple cinnamon baked goods with plump and juicy raisins and these chickpeas do just that! They are lightly sweet and go along great with some yogurt or even on top of some piping hot pancakes with some warm maple syrup! 

Vegan dark chocolate:
I sure do love chocolate and this is amazing right here! You can use it on some of your favorite ice cream for a chocolaty crunchy topping or in some velvety smooth yogurt with some frozen berries for a delightful guilt free treat! 






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