Muffins in a mug!

One thing that I love to eat at times is a muffin but let's face it they aren't as healthy as you think because their the size of a baseball and offer a ton of sugar or even fat in them.

I just about freaked when I came across some recipes for muffins that you make in a mug on Pinterest! They looked so fluffy and delicious all at the same time! 

So I tried out a few different recipes and they were outstanding! 

The first one I made was a chocolate cherry muffin using these said ingredients.

1. 1/4 cup of organic oats
2.1 organic egg
3.teaspoon of organic sugar
4. Diced up organic frozen cherries
5. About a tablespoon of all natural chocolate chips 
6. Tablespoon of  chocolate almond milk
Mix in a mug then set in the microwave for 2 minutes top with added ingredients and enjoy! 


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