Starbucks Blond Verdana blend bzzagent campaign!

I absolutely love coffee whether it's iced or hot. 

It's funny because I've never really liked hot coffee before until now. It warms you up on those rainy days or snowy nights when your snuggled up on the couch with your pjs and a nice hot cup of joe! 

I've never had Starbucks coffee though before, I would always go in and get one of their famous frappes which was years ago.

So when I was invited to the Starbucks Blond Verdana blend campaign through bzzagent I jumped at the opportunity to try it out!

I had a choice to either pick the Kcups or the coffee beans in a bag. So I went along with the quick and easy solution which was of course the k cups!

It's funny too, I have a Keurig brewer and don't use it as often as I should especially since the weather has been quite brutal this winter and all!

Thanks to Starbucks and Bzzagent I will be using my Keurig a lot more!

So I got out the Kcup poured some water into the machine and then pushed the brew button and then presto I had blond Verdana blend coffee in no time! 

I added in a bit of vanilla unsweetened almond milk and a bit of organic sugar to sweeten it up just a little bit since that's how I take my coffee. 

I was in love at first sip! It was bold, creamy, delicious, sweet and the scent of the coffee brewing really had me at hello!

I am so glad I got to try it!


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