Republic of Tea Review!

Republic of Tea  started in 1992 by browsing the most popular tea gardens for the most perfect leaves. These teas that they've concocted are made to enjoy sip by sip rather than guzzling it down right away, after all you don't want to burn yourself if you love your tea piping hot! They package their teas in the most beautiful tins that are in fact light weight and great for storage as well from anything from utensils to sugar packets and much more! Republic of tea makes all sorts of teas from de caffeinated , brewed iced teas, full leaf teas and much more! You can find their teas in over 20,000 restaurants and gourmet retailers as well as grocery stores such as wholefoods ! They are certified gluten free and organic as well!

I was sent two of their teas for review and couldn't wait to try them! 

Blackberry sage tea:

Blackberries infused with herbs and fruit with the calming aroma of white sage. This concoction makes a delicious iced tea with some frozen berries tossed right in the glass it makes for a sweet summery tea for those overwhelmingly hot days when the sun is just beating down on you! Great drink for the beach! 

Caramel vanilla cuppa cake tea:

Did you know that this tea blend was inspired by the caramel cake in the movie The  Help?! You can serve it cold or hot too! Sensational vanilla tea with creamy caramel tastes oh so good and warms you right up in no time especially on those chilly wintery nights!  Tastes just like a cupcake! 






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