EpicBlend Review!

This winter has been brutal with the freezing temperatures which has taken a toll on my skin and also lips. The moisture has been sucked out of them leaving the, cracked and dry.

I need a good lip balm that will not only moisturize my lips but one that is made with all natural ingredients to. 

That's what brought me to this review for Epicblend to share with all my readers today and also they believe in providing us with safe products without the chemicals which I'm totally game for! 

I was sent their lip balms for review and they are amazing! 

My lips have never felt more healthier especially it being winter and all. 

They come in all types of yummy lip smacking flavors such as coconut, cherry, berry, banana and more! 

Here is all the 411 on their company and their products as well!

It all began in Kelowna British Columbia in 2007 with natural and organic ingredients for their lip balms to rejuvenate your skin health!

Their products are free of:
Non GMO 
And not tested on animals 

The balms are  beeswax free and also plant based. The balms get their ever lasting smooth texture by an all natural food grade wax called Candelilla .  

More moisture:
Organic Shea butter infused with seven moisturizers to get that moisture back into those beautiful lips so pucker up baby!

I never knew this, organic hemp seed oil is in fact a powerful antioxidant that nourishes deep down 
into the skin by adding moisture! Wow you learn something every day huh!? 

Epicblend users are people:
who support the environment 
who are active such as hikers, runners, bikers. Etc. 

Hemp coconut:
I love all things coconut you name it I love it especially lip balms! Smells good enough to eat! 

Smells so good ! Reminds me of my favorite bubble gum! 

Green apple:
I was never a fan of the whole green apple products as a kid but have to admit this lip balm is sure a hit in my book! 

Wild berry:
Not sure I've ever tried a wild berry balm before until now, I loved the berry scent smelled heavenly! 

Nothing says soothing like vanilla does! Ahh so moisturizing! 

If your not a fan of fruity lip balms then you'll love this mint one! It heals and conditions your lips ! 

Pineapple mint:
Interesting flavor combination and works so well, refreshing and moisturizing! 

One of my favorite scents as a child for Chapstick! Conditions very well without the greasy feel! 

Not sure I've ever heard of a banana flavored lip balm! I couldn't wait to try out this one, smelled like a smoothie! Haha 

Chocolate rum:
Yum! Chocolate 






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