Mama's Magic Mix Review!

I've been hearing quite a bit about these tasty treats from Mama's Magic Mix all over the web and I had to see what the buzz was all about! Sweet and salty snack mixes with a dessert twist, you don't say!

I just had to try them out, I love sweets especially chocolates but they are even better when tossed with freeze dried fruits and nuts! It's like digging in to a gigantic dessert but with mamas magic mix is guilt free!  I couldn't wait to try them out for my review to share with you all on my blog! It's true and they are oh so delicious! You've got to try them!

Crispy crunchy freeze dried fruits tossed with salty nuts and sweets to make a delectable guilt free dessert!

Raspberry mocha swagger wagon:
Contains 130 calories per serving 
So good mixed with white chocolate chips, dark  chocolate covered espresso beans, freeze dried raspberries and roasted almonds! I loved the crunchiness of the espresso beans and the fact that they weren't too strong as well along with the smoothness of the white chocolate chips, oh heck the whole mix was to die for!

Banana split baby mama drama:

Contains 140 calories per serving 
One of my favorite treats as a kid was banana split ice cream sundaes they were so delicious! I was completely blown away by this mixture of freeze dried bananas, strawberries with caramel puffs, salted peanuts and can't forget the best part chocolate covered graham crackers! It was just like eating a banana split but without the unhealthy ice cream on top! 

Caramel apple rock star:

Contains 90 calories per serving 
One of my most favorite foods in the fall is a caramel apple they are so delicious with all the gooey caramel that surrounds the apple then you've got the crunchy topping with nuts or even chocolates but they are so messy! Caramel apple rock star mix is mess free and so much better than your typical old caramel apple on a stick it's got freeze dried green apples, cinnamon malt balls, roasted cinnamon almonds and caramel popcorn ! Sweet and sure does cure any sweet tooth craving! 

Crispy crunchy freeze dried fruits tossed with salty nuts and sweets to make a sensational dessert, you've got to try them! 





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