Rumiano Organic Cheese Review!

Rumiano cheese is a family owned company that began in the early 1900's which immigrated to the USA from Italy! By the 1930's Rumiano cheese was launched and  took off in California. Did you know that the Rumiano cheese is the oldest family owned cheese company of four generations?! 

In 1980 Rumiano cheese company was bought by brothers Baird and John Rumiano when second generation Ray Rumiano passed away, they started it all with the private labeling, co packaging and commodity trading. They whipped up many cheeses and selling them as well such as pepper jack, Mediterranean Jack, low fat, low sodium, calico, cheddar and Latino variety cheeses. 

To this day Baird and John still manage the company along with their children being the fourth generation. 

John's sons Own and Raymond work in operations, sales and marketing at the facility in Willow California whereas Baird's sons Tony and Joby work in accounting and manufacturing plant in Crescent city California.

Here is an interesting fact, Rumiano cheeses are the first to ever receive non GMO project verification on the US market which started in 2011. 

Being a cheese fan I was ecstatic when Owen himself emailed me and asked me to review their cheeses, I couldn't wait to try them out! Just thinking of all the recipes I could use for the cheeses was enough to make my mouth water! 

I found the cheeses at Whole Foods market and couldn't wait to bring them home and use them in all kinds of recipes such as pizza, macaroni and more! 

I found their pepper jack, Monterey and sharp cheddar cheese, they didn't have a wide selection but I'm so glad I found their cheeses and got to try them! It's the best cheese I've 
ever tasted in my life! I highly recommend their cheeses! 

Sharp Cheddar:
Sharp cheddar is one of my favorite cheeses it pairs wonderful with anything from sandwiches, salads to pizza! I've tried many sharp cheddar cheeses before in my life but none of them could even compare to this cheese! It didn't offer a plastic like after taste like other cheese has and it wasn't overly sharp which I love! Made a pizza along with some pepperoni, peppers and feta cheese the flavors altogether were amazing from the taste of the crust the cheeses it was superb! 

Pepper Jack:

Delicious cheese that packs a bit of a punch to it! Works wonders on taco and even nacho dishes! Made a batch of macaroni in cheese for the week with this delightful peppery cheese along with some of the sharp cheddar and  a bit of sarge to cheese as well and it was delicious!! 


Creamy melt in your mouth cheese that is so delicious on pasta dishes, sandwiches and even chicken with a hint of sauce ! 





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