Big Slice Apples review and giveaway!

It all began in Grandma Hoerner's kitchen in the late 1800's or should I say the orchard. Duane her grandson then wanted to perfect the recipe that he inherited from his grandmother with firm apples and the sweetest fruit juice sauce imaginable! Sixteen flavors to be exact! 

In 1987 Duane  reinvented his grandmas recipe which was like no other product out there in the market. 

In 2001 Grandma Hoerner's foods INC. tackled the cross country trek from the California coast all the way to the Midwest !

In 2014 Regina MCCoy co owner and Vice President took BigSliceapples  global! 

I came across these apples one day in Target and just had to try them out! Which lead me to their website when I came home, I couldn't stop thinking of the yummy looking flavors that are all in a tiny snack able pouch! I love fruit especially apples! I had to review them to share with you all on Losing Weight My Mission, Maybe it's the crunch or the sweetness of them who knows all I know is this they are delectable and infused with all kinds of sweetness throughout! 

These wonderful apples which are kettle cooked are convenient for on the go snacking with sixteen delicious flavors in three mouth watering collections! Which I'll explain each collection below! 

Big Slice Facts:
100% natural
Non GMO 
Gluten free
Healthy snack
Ready to eat on the go
Made with only real fruits
No high fructose corn syrup
Fat free

There are many ways to enjoy these snacks to not just from the pouch which is great! You can top them on some pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, or even yogurt!

Pure collection:
Made with pure and wholesome ingredients that's not only delicious but simple.

Luxe collection:
For all you people who love sweets this tasty collection is for you! Guilt free apple snacks like Boysenberry chocolate, cinnamon candy, caramel, peach Bellini and even cinnamon French toast! Now you can indulge the healthy way!

Fit Collection:
Great for that post workout snack that promotes not only balance, beauty, balance but power too! 

Cinnamon French toast:

When I saw this flavor I immediately thought apple cinnamon pancakes to whip up! I  gathered all the ingredients from the fridge and pantry and got to work on these flavorful decadent pancakes! 

The pancake mixture:

1. 1/2 cup of Bob whole wheat oatmeal
2. 1/2 cup of organic cottage cheese
3. Two organic eggs
4.washed and diced up an organic apple into bite sized chunks 
5. 1/4 cup of organic raisins 
6. A sprinkle of cinnamon

I grabbed a mixing bowl poured the batter of the cottage cheese, oatmeal and eggs and mixed in the apple chunks and raisins then set the pan out onto the stove with a hint of cooking oil then carefully poured the mixture onto the pan and waited in anticipation for them to cook up!

When they were done I tore open the cinnamon French toast apples and poured them on top of the pancakes as a syrup and it was divine! The flavors of the apples, cinnamon and the hint of sweetness from the raisins altogether was like eating a decadent dessert but completely guilt free and healthy! 

Cherry Vanilla:
I've been experimenting with overnight oats which make a powerful breakfast and this cherry vanilla mixture just screamed overnight cherry vanilla oats!  I came across a recipe on Pinterest from healthy_italian which you can find her recipe here healthy_italian
and couldn't wait to test it out so I gathered all the ingredients that I would need to whip up this breakfast concoction! I topped it off with two tablespoons of my favorite organic vanilla yogurt and a frozen organic cherry then some of the cheery cherry mixture of apples, cherries with the essence of vanilla! I can't wait till breakfast for sure to dig in! 

Boysenberry chocolate:
Apples paired with boysenberry mixed with a rich chocolate fudge sauce, you don't say?! This will sure satisfy any sweet craving ! 

Natural kettle cooked apples:
Delicious crisp apples lightly sweetened with cinnamon 

Raspberry hibiscus and green coffee extract:
Bursting with flavor from the hibiscus, raspberry and green coffee extract along with apples. 

Blueberry pomegranate:
Crispy apples in a pool of pomegranate sauce with sweet blueberries!

Pineapple Passionfruit and fiber:
Apples mixed with pineapples and Passionfruit!

I know I've got you drooling now with this review so, for one lucky winner you will receive 7 flavors of your very own Big Slice apple pouches! 

Good luck everyone!







  1. I love apples raw, cooked - whatever. Id try making them in pancakes, like you did. Id also saute them with brown sugar & cinnamon and add it to oatmeal.

  2. Sandy these apples are so delicious! They are in applesauce form so they aren't hard like raw apples are omg they are so good especially on pancakes!!

  3. I would put these in my oatmeal bakes! YUM! thanks for the chance!

    1. Debra and Kels they are amazingly delicious in oatmeal! Have you ever tried overnight oats?! Omg so good!

    2. Yes, I like overnight oats with yogurt and fruit! mmm

    3. Overnight oats are so delicious omg! They are addicting! Lol

  4. yummy i would use them with my protein mix and some yogurt

    1. Jennifer's world reviews girl these are amazing!!

  5. I love pairing these apples with Greek yogurt! I was kind of hesitant because I'm a plain Greek yogurt lover with nothing added to it but OMG it was heaven with these apples!!!!!

    1. I haven't tried them with Greek yogurt but I bet they sure are good!

  6. I love apples.I think these would be delicious warm with some whipped topping or vanilla ice cream.

  7. I like to mix apples with peanut butter, so I'd probably do that or use them in pancakes.

  8. They are making on pancakes!! Apples and peanut butter are great together!!

  9. Whoops I meant to say that they are fantastic on pancakes!! You don't even need syrup because the apples with the fruit in the pouch from a sauce and it's so delicious!!


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