Saint and Olive Biscotti review!

Have I got a sweet review to share with you all today! These wonderful biscotti from Saint and Olive are the perfect pairing with a nice hot piping cup of coffee or even hot chocolate! 

These aren't your average biscotti either each of them are made with the finest of ingredients whether they are sweet or savory biscotti! 

Olive Loew founder of saint and olive biscotti grew up in the military and lived in Connecticut for quite sometime close to her mothers Italian side of the family. 

While browsing through her great grandmothers and grandmothers recipes one day a recipe for the biscotti arrived via mail. 

The local newspaper had written an article for the paper regarding her great aunts biscotti that came along with a letter.

Which Olive then started whipping up the biscotti from the recipe and sent them off to friends and family for their take on the flavors.

The business all began with her love for baking! 

I came across saint and olive biscotti online and I just had to try them out! 

Olive herself then sent me some of her famous biscotti for review and I couldn't wait to try them the flavors sounded not only delicious but had their own unique twist to them such as the spicy Mexican chocolate and much more! 

Spicy Mexican chocolate:

I have to say I've never tried anything like it oh my god it was so delicious! Great chocolate flavor that's kicked up a notch with chipotle giving it the right amount of heat along with the sweetness from the chocolate!

Apricot rosemary and pistachios:

I absolutely love apricots whether in granola, yogurt and especially biscotti. Chunks of juicy dried apricots with little nibbles of pistachio and flakes of rosemary blended right in this delightful crunchy tasty cookie! 

White chocolate and saffron :
I've never heard of white chocolate and saffron together before but my god does it taste so good!!

Chocolate fig and anise:

It was mouthwatering delicious, a hint of anise flavor with delectable chocolate! 

Chocolate almond toffee with sea salt:

This is the first one that I've tried and it was so good it had the most amazing chocolate flavor with bits of almonds and toffee throughout with sea salt! It reminded me of one of my favorite candies which is a turtle with nuts, chocolate and caramel! It went along great with hot coffee, I so dipped it right in! 





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