Munch of Fun review!

While browsing on Pinterest one night I came across a wonderful review on Munch of fun  which is a snack company that delivers  healthy snacks right to your door!  Kristen Griffiths founder of  munch of fun is awesome is she offers all types of meals to choose from whether it's morning munchies or energy wave meal kit comes a special treat such as a little toy for your children. They come with floss sticks, a little pouch of Purell hand sanitizer, a napkin with a plastic fork and knife and or spoon. 

Some also come with a juice box! Your kid will be the coolest kid at the lunch table at school with munch of fun lunch box! 

I got to reading about her company and saw all of the wonderful assortments of meals that are contained in each box and I just had to review them! I loved the detail that went into each box, they look just like a lunch box only a lot cooler with delicious snacks toys and more!
Here are some facts about Munch of Fun:

They require no cleanup
Requires no refrigeration 
Great for field trips 
Makes for the perfect gift idea 
Packed with protein
Low in sugar
High in fiber
They taste wonderful 
And best of all the meal is already prepared with a little prize in each box how cool is that?! 

My meal choices that I wanted to review are down below where you can see what comes in each box! 

Morning munchies:

Peanut butter & company chocolate dreams:

I have never tried this wonderful,peanut butter before in my life and I am so glad that I did because it is so delicious and tastes just like a peanut butter cup! I can see why everyone raves about their peanut butters especially chocolate dreams! I used it in some overnight oats topped with a half sliced organic banana and some brothers all natural freeze dried strawberries it sure was tasty with all the flavors combined and made me full till lunch time! 

Brothers all natural freeze dried strawberries:

I have done a review on these before and love them they are flavorful and you can add them into so many recipes such as yogurt, oatmeal and more! They are the perfect anytime snack!

Apple and eve fruit and veggie fruit punch juice box:

This juice right here took me way back to my childhood I loved fruit punch and would have it with practically every meal! It was fruity and refreshing! Perfect side along with my hearty breakfast! 

Seneca Caramel crisp apple chips:

These crispy and delicious apples reminded me of an all time favorite of mine in the Fall! Can you guess what it is? Ok I'll tell you, caramel apples on a stick! They are so good! 

Kashi honey toasted heart to heart oat cereal:

I love this cereal! It reminds me of honey nut Cheerios due to their honey flavor ! They go great with some almond milk with fruit! I diced up an organic banana and then tossed in some organic almonds it made the perfect breakfast before heading off to work! 

Wikki stix:

My niece loves wikki stix which are these sticks that you can bend and twist into funky shapes and make really neat things out of them such as her hot glasses! Doesn't she look fancy?! 

Munch on brunch:

Brown sugar granola trail mix:

When I saw this mixture I had the perfect idea in mind! I gathered some diced organic apple, organic raisins, organic vanilla yogurt and layered it in a small glass mason jar for dessert and it was amazing! The sweet crunch of the granola along with the smoothness of the yogurt and the crisp refreshing taste of the apple was pure heaven! It was the perfect dessert to go along with myhumongous salad that I had for dinner! You can say it was the perfect ending to dinner. 

Apple and eve fruit and veggie strawberry kiwi juice box:

Strawberries and kiwi team up in this delightful juice box you and your children will love! They won't even know their is a full serving of vegetables in them! Shh, don't tell! 

Brothers all natural freeze dried pineapple chunks:

One of my favorite fruits is pineapple! I love these freeze dried chunks of pineapple whether in my yogurt or even on top of a smoothie! They are so flavorful and even go good on some froyo! 

Sahale glazed nuts:

I've heard of these snacks and have seen them in so many stores but never actually tried them until now! Chunks of almonds coated with cranberries and honey and dusted with sea salt sweet and salty sure do get along great together in this wonderful mix!

Seasoned Ry Krisp cracker:

I love crisp bread crackers they make for a great snack or even lunch with some sliced up cheese!

Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter:

 I sure do love nut butters especially when they are chocolate flavored! They go great on or in so many things such as oatmeal, smoothies, on muffins or even paired with fruit! 

I very much enjoyed reviewing these products and would love to review other meals if possible! I love that they are convenient for on the go meals and or snacks and healthy too! 

Got a loved one with a birthday coming up? Munch of fun would be the perfect gift, just saying! 





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