Beyond Meat Review!

When your eating healthier foods at times you tend to eat the same ol boring thing day after day. The good thing is I'm not afraid to try anything new that catches my eye while shopping, figuring hey I might like that it looks good. In my family they always joke and say whose kid are you because I don't like those things. I mean yes there have been things I haven't liked I'll admit that. When I came across Beyond Meat in Wholefoods on the shelf I was interested about the products, I've tried meatless products before and loved them being that they tasted just like meat but here's the kicker to Beyond Meat there made from plant protein rather than animal protein! 

So when I came home I looked them up on the computer and learned more about them and just had to review them especially when I found out that their chicken strips are high in protein which to me is awesome because I work out 7 days a week and need me some protein! They are also gluten free, soy free and made with non GMO soy and pea protein! I was sent coupons to pick the products of my choice for review and couldn't wait to bring them home and try them out in all kinds of dishes! 

Here's the products they offer:
Chicken free strips:
Lightly seasoned
Southwest style

Beef Crumbles:



I absolutely love the taste of grilled food because it offers a ton of flavor and goes great on many dishes from salads, pizzas and much more! This chicken was phenomenal it worked perfectly on the Naan bread. It was tender and I will use it on so many other dishes even my famous burrito bowl along with some beans, rice, cheese and more! 

Lightly Seasoned:

For dinner I made up a big salad and tossed some of this seasoned chicken right on it after cutting it into bite sized chunks with a small side of some Mac and cheese! Great flavor and right amount of spices to it. 

Beef crumbles:
Goes great on tacos, in chili or on nacho chips along with some cheese, salsa, guacamole and more! 







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