Nick's Sticks jerky review!

Nick Wallace founder of Wallace farms, leader in natural foods, and cancer survivor concocted his very own recipe for jerky without all the harsh chemicals other farmers use which contains no msg, and no GMO feed. 

When I came across nicks-sticks jerky online I just had to review them, I workout seven days a week whether at the gym or at home I'm always on the go and need a snack that replenishes my body. 

I was then sent some Nicks sticks jerky for review and couldn't wait to sink my teeth into them!

Spicy grass fed beef snack sticks:
Meaty texture with a spicy kick to it! I do have to say I'm not much of a person who likes hot foods but this jerky was outstanding!

Spicy free range turkey sticks:
Turkey jerky is one of my most favorite jerky because it gives great flavor and this jerky right here was not only flavorful bit tender as well! Almost like biting into a turkey burger with a bit of heat to it!

Grass fed beef snack sticks:
Moist,meaty and mouth watering delicious ! 

Free range turkey snack sticks:
I loved when you bite into the jerky it snaps like hot dogs do! Flavorful and offered the right amount of spices to it. 

Nicks jerky doesn't even compare to any other jerky brand at all because they contain all the good stuff without any junk making it not only healthy but delicious and meaty! 

It makes for a great post workout snack after hitting the gym! They offer a phenomenal smoky flavor. I loved the texture because they are easy to chew and not gnawing the meat off the bone or stick like in those Chinese restaurants. 

I absolutely love jerky because they are tasty, they offer a great amount of protein which is fantastic especially if you have it as a snack after working out which is what I do.

Here's what it doesn't contain:
No msg or nitrates
No sugar

The 100% grass fed beef sticks and free range turkey sticks are 100% gluten free and seasoned with organic seasoned salt. 




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