Dibella Famiglia Biscotti Review!

It all began with Sophia Dibella and her daughter Anna whipping up their famous biscotti in the late 1800's which they then passed down from generation to generation. 

I came across their biscotti in Dave's marketplace and they all sounded so delicious and  I thought they would work perfectly with a nice hot cup of coffee! I just had to try them! Whether it's something fruity or chocolaty I love to enjoy a sweet treat once in awhile and when I saw all the flavors they had my mouth began to water especially cherry chocolate!

 How many of you like to dunk your biscotti in your coffee, tea or even hot chocolate? It tastes amazing what with all the flavors together and all especially when it's chocolate am I right?

Here is where you can learn more about the company! 

cherry chocolate:
One of my favorites together in this crunchy cookie . Bits of cherries with chunks of chocolate! Goes wonderful with a dollop of ice cream or yogurt! 

Apricot almond:
Slivers of sunny apricot with the nutty taste of almond in this delicious little treat.

Blueberry lemon:
Chunks of blueberries with a bit of a lemon zing.

Almond orange:
Almonds and orange sure do work recently together! Love the taste of the almonds with the citrus orange zest!!

Double chocolate fudge:
Chocolaty and oh so delicious ! I love a good chocolate cookie and this one sure was high in the chocolate factor and it melted in your mouth! Goes great with anything from ice cream to hot chocolate! 

Pistachio cranberry:
Bits of pistachios and chunks of cranberries sure do make a great cookie I've never tried anything like it before it was very good! 



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