Veggie-Go's organic Naked Edge Fruit & Veggie snacks review!

As a kid I loved having fruit snacks such as fruit by the foot, gushers  as part of my lunch or at snack time and still do to this day but let's face it they aren't all that healthy for us to eat especially with added sugars etc. What if I told you that a healthier fruit snack does exist?! It's made up of 1/4 cup of fruit and veggies, I'm talking about these delicious organic fruit and veggie snacks from Naked Edge snacks ! I know it sounds weird veggies and fruit mixed into a snack but it's healthier than drinking a gigantic glass of juice with tons of sugar and calories. You'll feel much better knowing that your children will be snacking on something that's healthy for them, feel free to snack on these fruity snacks as well because they are too good to pass up!

When I came across them on the web I was curious about them and had to try them to see how different they are from other fruit snacks.

I was sent all four of their flavors to try for review and couldn't wait to eat them!

Sweet potato pie:
Forgot to take a picture before I ate it whoops! 
This one right here was my first flavor I tried and wow, I was completely amazed at how delicious this one tasted! It was just like biting into a slice of sweet potato pie only healthier and lightly sweetened with apples! 

Cinnamon spiced beet:

This fruit strip contains Beets, apples, flax seeds, and cinnamon! 

Carrot ginger:

Carrots sweetened with apples and a hint of ginger! 

Mountain berry spinach:

Berries, spinach, apples and sweet potatoes! 

Veggie-Go's facts:

1/2 serving of fruit and veggies in every strip!
No added sugar
Gluten free





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