Pure Bliss Organics Review!

What draws me to a company is their goal to make their consumers happy and healthy which brought me to Pure Bliss Organics that makes not only handmade delicious granola that's all natural but other products as well!

When I saw the assortment of their healthy products I knew I had to try them!

I was sent some of their products for a review and I just knew my first product to test was going to be the granola because I drink a smoothie for breakfast each morning and usually throw in oatmeal but I had the idea to use some of the banana gorilla granola I received!
Keep reading my thoughts are below!
Pure Bliss Facts:
Made with real ingredients 
Certified organic
Wheat free
Lower in fat
No trans fat
Whole grain
No preservatives
No artificial additives 

Banana Gorilla Granola:soy free

All I can say is wow! This granola is outstanding! Made a smoothie for breakfast and topped it off with some granola! Packed with ripe bananas and whole cashews! It taste just like banana bread which I love! Love all the options I can use this wonderful delicious granola on or in such as in yogurt, with milk, in muffins or even your favorite ice cream! Would also be a great crunchy topping on pancakes or waffles too!

Lemon Cranberry bar:

Very flavorful and had chunks of cranberries in it, great snack !

Naughty But Nice energy bar bites: chocolate peanut butter
Contains peanut & soy
Wheat free
No GMO's

great snack packed with energy to get you through work, school, work out or on the go! 

Organic Coconut Honey Almonds:
Handmade in small batches
No trans fats
Gluten free
Spanish almonds dusted with shredded coconut with a sweet buttery glaze! Works great with fruit and yogurt!

Here are some of their other delicious looking products they offer.

Organic nuts:
Fired up
Sesame honey cashew
Pretty good stuff
A hot mess


Acai blues
Naughty but nice
Old school
Captain cranberry
Gingerbread flax

Energy bars:
Acai coconut
Naughty but nice
Mocha java

Energy bites:
Naughty but nice
Mocha java
Lemon cranberry
Acai coconut

Check them out on the web and connect with them!





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