Reboot Booster supplement : combat oxidative stress Swaggable review!

With the holidays approaching things in our lives can be sort of hectic with all the spending, the crowds at the checkout in stores and even with stressors of everyday life.

 When I am feeling stressed out I grab a book, workout or take a walk and I feel better than ever but sometimes we need a little bit of a boost to get us going, so today I'm going to talk to you about a product that I received from Swaggable.

I received a free 3 day supply of Reboot to handle oxidative stress and here are the benefits of the product.

Neutralizing free radicals 
Assists liver function to detox
Boosts performance and recovery 
Provides cell protection 
Boosts the body's production in antioxidants
Wellness booster that's rich in antioxidants vitamin c herbal supplement blend with 7 natural plant and fruit extracts 

So what's oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress takes place when the metabolism doesn't fully neutralize free radicals and they can be damaging to our cells.
It can cause fatigue, out award signs of aging, chronic conditions and also weight difficulty.

Recommended use of Reboot:

When exposed to smoke
After exposure to sun
When traveling especially by plain
After excess drink or food indulgence
Before or after sports and exercise 


1. Squeeze the water up to the seal to pop it open
2.shake the pouch 
3. Drink and enjoy!


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