Party'tizers Dippin' Chips Review!

When it comes to eating chips I don't know about you but they need an added ingredient to them such as salsa, cheese or hummus! These all natural bean chips are perfect for dipping because they are scoop able and you can control your cheese, salsa, or dip ratio on the chip without it being all messy and sliding off like it does on triangular chips! 

When I wandered into my local grocery store the other day I came across these new bean chips and I just had to try them!

Dippin' Chips sent me their bean chips for review and I couldn't wait to try them! 

How did they get their name?

"Their story"

It all started with a party…

There were close friends, family and good music; but something was missing, the appetizers… They were the same old, boring finger-foods. We needed a new snack to get the party started!

That’s why we created Party ‘tizer Dippin’ Chips™. Now you can bring the deli to your party by complementing your favorite fresh deli dips with Dippin’ Chips™.

Our chips are made with the finest ingredients and designed to give you the perfect amount of dip with no mess. You know what that means… no more double-dipping! We even love them on their own!

Explore your inner foodie by creating unique dip and chip pairings that fit your personality and taste. Make your hors d’oeuvres the talk of every party with Dippin’ Chips™.Life’s a party – dip it up, snack it down!

These chips aren't only good for dipping you can even make mini taco nachos out of them by adding some hamburg or other meat of choice with the added ingredients such as lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream etc. 

Party'tizers chip facts:

Gluten free
All natural
Made with real beans
Made with wholesome grains
Made with real veggies
Cholesterol free
Certified kosher dairy
No trans fat
No artificial colors, preservatives or flavors 

Super grains:

Loved this flavor it was packed full of whole grains, black sesame, amaranth and my new favorite quinoa! Very delicious!

Veggie Dippin chips:

Mom wasn't too thrilled about this one but I have to admit I thought it was good. It wasn't like those other veggie chips you hear about that have all of those unhealthy ingredients in them these are made from spinach, carrots and kale. Goes great with peach mango salsa!

Three bean:
This chip bag should come with a warning label on it that's how good they are! packed with black beans, red beans and adzuki beans and perfect with salsa!

Be sure to check them out on the web!





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