Wholeme Review!

Whether your paleo, a diabetic, watching what you eat, gluten free, a workout addict or lead a grain free lifestyle then these products from Wholeme are for you!

Wholeme is devoted to sustaining us with nutritious food that not only makes them happy but us as well!

When I came across them on the web I knew I had to review their products, since I am leading a more healthier lifestyle by working out a lot and also watching what I eat.

Wholeme facts:

No preservatives
Grain free
Dairy free
Gluten free

Date me:
I have never tried anything like it, especially for a bar!
It was moist and packed full of dates and pecans very flavorful and so good!

If you want your bars to last longer them pop them into the freezer and they can hold up to 30 days past the best by date at the storage temperature!

You can ever refrigerate your bars as well. The date stamp on your bars is based on being stored refrigerated, generally speaking outside the fridge holds them for 5 whole days!

Wake me:
This bar will sure wake you up !

Packed with flax meal, espresso, dates, almonds, cacao nibs!

Eat me cereal:
The cereal storage you can store at room temp!

Decadent cereal with flakes of unsweetened coconut, nutty almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, honey, salt, natural extract and coconut oil. 
I absolutely love all things coconut so when I read the ingredients I just couldn't wait to try it!

I absolutely love this cereal!! It has a bit of a cherry taste to it, weird because it's not listed in the ingredients! Great in yogurt with some fresh cut up fruit! 

Check them out on the web and connect with them on their social media sites!






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