Tasty Brand Organic snacks review!

As you may know I have lost a lot of weight and yes I have cravings for something sweet every now and then but don't over indulge on them either I limit myself and still manage to lose weight. I love a good cookie, candy, or even fruit snacks and when I came across Tasty Brand I just had to try their organic snacks because they have a wide assortment from 100 calorie pack cookies in vanilla and chocolate, different flavored fruit snacks and also gummy candies they make the perfect treat for going to the movies!

Organic fruit snacks:
No high fructose corn syrup 
Made with real fruit juice
Gluten free
Allergen free
No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives 
USDA organic 
70 calories a pouch in the fruit snacks! 

Organic fruit snacks: mixed fruit flavors

I love fruit snacks when they have all sorts of flavorful fruit in them instead of just one flavor! This fruit snack pouch is mixed with tangerine, peach, strawberry, lemon, tropical and mixed berry flavors! A fruity assortment your taste buds are sure to enjoy!

Organic super fruit snacks:
Have you heard about the super fruit craze lately?! These yummy cran-raspberry, grape, blueberry, strawberry, cherry and pomegranate passion fruit snacks are bursting with acai! 

Smoothie fruit snacks:

Kids will love these for snack in their lunch boxes! 
These fruit snacks are amazingly delicious they taste just like a blended fruity smoothie with natural cream flavors like strawberry and banana, mango, orange, peach and blueberry! 

Fruit gummies citrus splash flavor:

Bursting with all natural fruity flavors such as lemon, strawberry, cherry, mixed berry, orange, grapefruit and mixed berry flavors! If you love the popular candy sour patch kids then you will fall in love with this citrus candy!

Fruit gummies wild berry flavor:

Love a good chewy fruity candy that's flavorful and doesn't have all the added sugar ! These candies are mixed with white grape, cherry berry, blackberry, mixed berry, boysenberry and natural strawberry flavors!

Organic cookies chocolate chip:

I love a good chocolate chip cookie every now and then! I guess you could call me a chocoholic since I love all things chocolate! They are great with milk and for only a 100 calories a pack you can enjoy them without the guilt!

Organic cookies vanilla :

Great tasting vanilla cookies! You can even spread on a bit of peanut butter, Nutella or chocolate! Even dunk them in milk! 





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