Chibar organic energy bar Review!

Sometimes after I workout I feel like I'm running low on energy and need a boost with a small snack and these all natural bars from Chibar I was sent for review are perfect for giving me the boost I need to go the extra mile and provides a burst of energy, it makes not only me happy but my body happy because it's giving it something it needs which is good for you ingredients such as fruits, nuts and protein!

I couldn't wait to try out these bars for the review, especially the cacao cherry because I sure do love chocolate! 

Chibar facts:

USDA organic
Dairy free
Soy free
Tastes fantastic 
Non GMO 
Kosher certified 
Gluten free
Grown from the earth!

Papaya pineapple:

Fantastic fruity flavor and made the perfect snack when I was starting to feel hungry mid day! 

Cacao cherry:

Cherries and chocolate really work well together! I cut up half and put it into a chocolate covered cherry smoothie and wow it was super delicious! Loved the tangy cherries with the sweet chocolate! 

Mango ginger:

I love mango, especially with a bit of a kick to it with ginger!

Berry berry: 

fruity goodness goes great with some vanilla yogurt and fresh berries! 

You can check them out on their web on their site and connect with them on their social media sites below!





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